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October 2018132
October 10, 201884
October 9, 201848
September 201820
September 30, 201811
September 15, 20189
July 20188
July 28, 20188
May 2018135
May 26, 201821
May 17, 201817
May 16, 201838
May 9, 201815
May 8, 201844
February 2018127
February 8, 2018103
February 7, 201824
January 201869
January 19, 201869
October 2017127
October 14, 201756
October 13, 201720
October 7, 201751
September 201737
September 10, 201737
July 201789
July 29, 20178
July 15, 201738
July 4, 201743
June 20178
June 25, 20178
May 201746
May 16, 201718
May 15, 201728
April 201720
April 9, 201720
October 2016518
October 29, 201665
October 23, 201615
October 19, 2016129
October 18, 201669
October 16, 201658
October 15, 201674
October 2, 201689
October 1, 201619
September 201665
September 30, 201665
July 201627
July 10, 201627
May 2016148
May 30, 201615
May 16, 201656
May 8, 201677
March 2016213
March 26, 201667
March 25, 201664
March 21, 201664
March 16, 201618
December 201517
December 16, 201517
October 2015473
October 28, 201511
October 27, 2015115
October 26, 201546
October 22, 201584
October 21, 201532
October 10, 201576
October 8, 2015109
September 201556
September 19, 201529
September 7, 201527
August 201523
August 1, 201523
May 201533
May 14, 201533
February 2015393
February 22, 201525
February 21, 201544
February 19, 201521
February 18, 201591
February 17, 201551
February 16, 201564
February 15, 201528
February 14, 20158
February 13, 201533
February 12, 201528
September 201415
September 25, 201415
February 2014141
February 7, 201410
February 4, 201461
February 2, 201437
February 1, 201433
July 2011103
July 30, 201118
July 29, 201122
July 27, 201113
July 25, 201125
July 24, 201125
June 201189
June 11, 201189
May 201135
May 28, 201135
October 201089
October 13, 201063
October 12, 201026
September 2010454
September 21, 2010165
September 20, 2010184
September 19, 201041
September 5, 201064
August 2010117
August 17, 201042
August 16, 201038
August 7, 201029
August 1, 20108
July 201096
July 3, 201010
July 2, 201086
June 201025
June 26, 201025
May 201084
May 30, 201029
May 15, 201055
April 201092
April 21, 201062
April 15, 201019
April 4, 201011
February 201039
February 6, 201039
December 2009197
December 26, 2009133
December 23, 200964
October 2009721
October 25, 200961
October 22, 2009115
October 21, 200992
October 13, 2009139
October 12, 2009122
October 11, 2009129
October 10, 200963
September 2009173
September 13, 200960
September 2, 200966
September 1, 200947
August 200954
August 29, 200934
August 16, 200920
July 2009100
July 18, 200955
July 17, 200945
May 2009117
May 24, 200951
May 16, 200915
May 10, 200951
April 200952
April 25, 200929
April 19, 200923
December 2008197
December 22, 200843
December 21, 200894
December 20, 200860
November 200823
November 2, 200823
October 2008453
October 31, 200845
October 20, 200859
October 19, 200822
October 18, 200854
October 15, 200899
October 12, 200827
October 8, 200819
October 7, 200846
October 6, 200825
October 5, 200825
October 4, 200832
September 200817
September 20, 200817
July 2008196
July 30, 200874
July 29, 200841
July 28, 200833
July 27, 200823
July 26, 200825
March 200884
March 23, 200818
March 22, 200834
March 19, 200832
October 2007252
October 30, 200748
October 29, 200722
October 28, 200714
October 22, 200760
October 21, 200754
October 15, 200724
October 6, 200730
September 200747
September 6, 200718
September 2, 200729
August 200746
August 17, 200721
August 3, 200725
July 200716
July 2, 200716
May 200739
May 12, 200719
May 9, 200715
May 6, 20075
April 20073
April 14, 20073
October 2006296
October 25, 200672
October 21, 2006133
October 8, 200645
October 7, 200623
October 1, 200623
September 200638
September 5, 20066
September 4, 200618
September 3, 200614

terrainSubjects Photographed

Desert Mule Deer
Desert Tortoise
Whitetail Deer
Beehive Coke Oven
Boyd's Sanitarium
Cliff Dwelling
Cox Ranch
Van Patten Mountain Camp
Wharton Iron Furnace
Golden Eagle
Large Freighter
S.S. Willis B. Boyer
Canaan Valley Bog
Spruce Flats Bog
Anthony Wayne Bridge
Fort Duquesne Bridge
Fort Pitt Bridge
High Ohiopyle Bridge
Low Ohiopyle Bridge
Portage Viaduct
Route 188 Roosevelt Bridge
West End Bridge
Bell Rock
Capitol Butte
Castle Rock
Cathedral Rock
Chimney Rock
Chimney Rock Butte
Coffee Pot Butte
Courthouse Butte
Devil's Long Finn Butte
Poston Butte
Submarine Rock and Chicken Point
Thumb Butte and the Bench
Cacti Plants
Barrel Cactus
Hedgehog Cactus
Ocotillo Cactus
Organ Pipe Cactus
Prickly Pear Cactus
Purple Prickly Pear Cactus
Saguaro Cactus
Silver Cholla Cactus
Staghorn Cholla Cactus
Canaan Valley Campground
Molino Basin Campground
Alchesay Canyon
Blackwater Canyon
Bonita Canyon
First Water Canyon
Fish Creek Canyon
Genesee River Gorge
Gila Valley
Hog Canyon
Hull Canyon
Indian Creek Gorge
Kellner Canyon
Lick Hollow Run Gorge
Linn Run Gorge
Molino Canyon
North Fork Gap
Oak Creek Canyon
Parker Canyon
Slippery Rock Gorge
Smoke Hole Canyon
Walnut Canyon
West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon
Youghiogheny Gorge
Grandview Cemetery
Schellsburg and Chestnut Ridge Union Cemetery
City Skylines
Connellsville Skyline
North Vancouver Skyline
Pittsburgh Skyline
Seattle Skyline
Toledo Skyline
Uniontown Skyline
Vancouver Skyline
Civic Buildings
Carnegie Free Library
Somerset County Courthouse
U.S. Postal Office
Close Ups
Cactus Spines
Tree Bark
Fire Damage
Spring Blossoms
Spring Foliage
Storm Clouds
Water Reflection
Covered Bridges
Barronvale Covered Bridge
Colvin Covered Bridge
Cuppett's Covered Bridge
Dr. Knisely Covered Bridge
Glessner Covered Bridge
Lower Humbert Covered Bridge
McConnells Mill Covered Bridge
Osterburg / Bowser Covered Bridge
Ryot Covered Bridge
Snook's Covered Bridge
Walter's Mill Covered Bridge
Wildwood Covered Bridge
Seneca Rocks
Cedar Creek
Cucumber Run
Doe Run
Dunbar Creek
Dunnings Creek
Fish Creek
Hell's Run
Indian Creek
Jones Mill Run
Laurel Hill Creek
Linn Run
Long Run
Meadow Run
Mountainside Stream
Oak Creek
Shay Run
Slippery Rock Creek
Stony Creek
Tortillo Creek
West Fork of Oak Creek
Mt. Morris Dam
Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Indian Ruins
Old Railroad Trussel
Snag Tree
Sonoran Desert
Oak-Hickory Forest
Pinyon-Juniper Grassland
Spruce-Fir Forest
Mogollon Rim
Brick Pathway
Garden Statue
Park Bench
Stone Wall
Corn Field
Farm Pasture
Farm Silo
Flowering Shrubs
Mountain Laurel
Fort Ligonier
Fort Necessity
Three Rivers Point Fountain
Garden Flowers
Purple Iris
Toledo Botanical Garden
Wildwood Manor House Garden
Coal Harbour
South Portland Harbor
American Sycamore Tree
Aspen Tree
Cherry Tree
Crabapple Tree
Eucalyptus Tree
Magnolia Tree
Weeping Willow Tree
Heavenly Bodies
Fish Creek Hill
Gypsum Sand Dune
Historic Buildings
1806 Old Log Church
Abraham Overholt Homestead
Albert Gallatin's House at Friendship Hill
Colonel William Crawford Cabin
E.H. Abraham's Hotel Central
George H. Swearingen Building
Glen Iris Inn
Historic Summit Inn Resort
Knights of Pythias Hall
Mansion at Linden Hall
Mount Washington Tavern
Old Stone House Historic Inn
Picketpost House
Wildwood Manor House
Houses of Worship
Cranberry Baptist Church
Saint Michaels of the Valley
St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church
Sugarloaf Church
Industrial Buildings
Anchor Hocking Glass South Connellsville Plant
Gas Well
Monarch Butterfly
Bald Knob
Pine Knob
Spruce Knob
Sugarloaf Knob
Tharp Knob
Weiss Knob
Apache Lake
Ayer Lake
Canyon Lake
Cranberry Glade Lake
Dunlap Creek Lake
Eagle Lake
Green Lick Run Lake
High Point Lake
Kooser Lake
Lake Arthur
Lake Donegal
Lake Erie
Laurel Hill Lake
Lower Hereford Manor Lake
Marshall Lake
Mill Run Resevoir
North Park Lake
Pendleton Lake
Shawnee Lake
Somerset Lake
Theodore Roosevelt Lake
Upper Hereford Manor Lake
Virgin Run Lake
Watson Lake
Bass Harbor Head Light
Brockton Point Lighthouse
Cape Elizabeth Light
Marblehead Light
Point Atkinson Lighthouse
Portland Head Light
Spring Point Ledge Light
McConnells Mill
Overholt Mill / Distillery
Sleeping Beauty Mine
CCC Statue
Colonel William Crawford Statue
Jumonville Great Cross of Christ
Mountain Ranges
Bradshaw Mountains
Cascade Range
Chiricahua Mountains
Galiuro Mountains
Goldfield Mountains
Ma Ha Tuak Range
Mazatzal Mountains
North Shore Mountains
Organ Mountains
Pinal Mountains
San Andres Mountains
San Francisco Peaks
San Tan Mountains
Sandia Mountains
Santa Catalina Mountains
Sierra Ancha Range
Superstition Mountains
Armer Mountain
Asbestos Point
Aztec Peak
Baldy Peak
Blue Knob Mountain
Cabin Mountain
Cadillac Mountain
Camelback Mountain
Canaan Mountain
Carr Mountain
Cave Mountain
Chiricahua Peak
Cochise Head
Dome Mountain
Four Peaks Mountain
Goat Mountain
Goldmine Mountain
Granite Mountain
Grantham Peak
Guthrie Mountain
Lee Mountain
Lime Mountain
Maroon Mountain
Maverick Peak
Mingus Mountain
Mount Lemmon
Mount Rainier
Mozark Mountain
Munds Mountain
Negro Mountain
North Fork Mountain
Pemetic Mountain
Penobscot Mountain
Picketpost Mountain
Pioneer Mountain
Sandia Crest
Smith Mountain
South Mountain
Spruce Mountain
Stone Cabin Mountain
Sugarloaf Mountain
Sugarloaf Peak
Superstition Mountain
The Beehive
Thimble Mountain
Thunder Mountain
Twin Peaks
Wilson Mountain
Carnegie Science Center
Old Bedford Village
Somerset Historical Center
West Overton Museums
Natural Bridges
Devil's Bridge
Atlantic Ocean
English Bay
Pacific Ocean
Puget Sound
A Mountain - NMSU
Airport Mesa Overlook
Aspen Vista
Babad Do'ag Vista
Bald Knob Overlook
Balsam Swamp Overlook
Baughman Rock Overlook
Beam Rocks Overlook
Casparis Lookout Point
Cleland Rock Overlook
Coopers Rock Overlook
Dobbin's Lookout
Gentle Trail Overlook
Geology Point Vista
Gila Valley Vista
Hogsback Overlook
Inspiration Point Overlook
Kentuck Overlook
LH Trail's Distant Yough River Gorge View
LH Trail's Youghiogheny River Gorge Vista
Lindy Point Overlook
Massai Point Vista
Mini Mesa Vortex Vista
Molino Canyon Overlook
Mount Davis Lookout of High Point Lake
Mount Summit Scenic Overlook
Mount Washington's Grandview Avenue Overlook
Oak Creek Canyon Vista
Pase Point Overlook
Pendleton Point Overlook
San Pedro Vista
Sunset Point
Tharp Knob Overlook
Thimble Peak Vista
West End Overlook of Pittsburgh
Windy Point Vista
Wolf Rocks Overlook
YR Trail Ohiopyle to Connellsville Vista
Park Buildings
North Park Boathouse
Picnic Pavilion
Seneca Rocks Discovery Center
Big Bend
Ferncliff Peninsula
The Flats
Pine Trees
Alligator Juniper
Arizona Cypress
Balsam Fir
Colorado Blue Spruce
Eastern Hemlock
Eastern White Pine
Pitch Pine
Ponderosa Pine
Red Pine
Red Spruce
White Spruce
Blackberry Bush
Grape Vine
Milk Weed
Skunk Cabbage
Soaptree Yucca
Allegheny Plateau
Bubble Pond
Jones Mill Pond
Jordan Pond
Somerset Historical Center Pond
Coal Gondola Hopper
Freight Train
Railroad Tracks
Allegheny Front
Bobtail Ridge
Chestnut Ridge
Laurel Ridge
Mitten Ridge
Allegheny River
Blackwater River
Cheat River
Genesee River
Maumee River
Monongahela River
North Fork South Branch Potomac River
Ohio River
Ottawa River
Salt River
San Pedro River
Youghiogheny River
Apache Trail
Catalina Highway
Coconino Forest Road 152
Dirt Road
Laurel Summit Road
Schnebly Hill Road
State Route 288 Globe-Young Highway
Sugar Loaf Road
U.S. Route 40 National Road
Rock Cliffs
Apache Leap Cliff
Camel Head and Snoopy Rock
Chimney Top on North Fork Mtn
Coopers Rock
Falcon Cliff
Finn Rock
Ittindi Rock
La Cueva Rocks
Low Horns
Organ Needle
Organ Pipe Formation
Painted Cliffs
Praying Hands
Rabbit Ears
Steamboat Rock
The Flatiron
The Needles
Coconino Sandstone
Granite Dells
Pink Granite
River Rock
Schnebly Hill Sandstone
Tuscarora Sandstone
Rustic Structures
Log Cabin
Wood Fence
Ski Slopes
Blue Knob Ski Resort Slopes
Canaan Valley Ski Resort Slopes
Heinz Field
PNC Park
North Park Water Supply System Standpipe
Spruce Knob Tower
Airport Mesa Loop Trail
Bald Knob Trail
Bar Canyon Trail
Baughman Trail
Baylor Pass Trail
Cedar Creek Gorge Trail
Devil's Bridge Trail
Dripping Springs Trail
Ferncliff Trail
Finger Lakes Trail
Floodplain Trail
Gentle Trail
Great Allegheny Passage Trail
Great Gorge Trail
Hell's Hollow Trail
Hemlock Trail
Indian Creek Valley Trail
Jordon Pond Loop Trail
Kentuck Trail
Kildoo Trail
La Luz Trail
Laurel Highlands Trail
Letchworth Gorge Trail
Lower Cliff Dwelling Trail
Meadow Run Trail
North Fork Trail
North Shore Trail
Pemetic Mountain Trail
Pine Tree Trail
Sierra Vista Trail
Spruce Flats Trail
Sugarloaf Trail
The Sheepskin Trail
Upper Cliff Dwelling Trail
Vancouver Seawall
West Fork Trail
Whispering Spruce Trail
Wolf Rocks Trail
Youghiogheny River Trail
Urban Buildings
Canada Place
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Del Monte Center
Space Needle
The Rivers Casino
Canaan Valley
Mesilla Valley
North Fork Valley
Salt River Valley
San Pedro Valley
Tucson Valley
Tularosa Basin
Valley of the Sun
Verde Valley
Adams Falls
Blackwater Falls
Cascading Waterfall
Cole Run Falls
Cucumber Falls
Elakala Falls
Hell's Hollow Falls
Inspiration Falls
Jones Mill Run Dam
Lower Falls of Genesee River
Meadow Run Cascades
Meadow Run Natural Waterslides
Middle Falls of Genesee River
Ohiopyle Falls
Pendleton Falls
Taughannock Falls
Upper Falls of Genesee River
Black-Eyed Susan
Canada Mayflower
Cardinal Flower
Chicory Flower
Dame's Rocket
Joe-Pye Weed
Large-Flowered Trillium
Purple Loosestrife
Rose Hip
Rose-Mallow Crimson-Eyed
Rose-Mallow Swamp
Tickseed Sunflower
Wild Bergamont Flower
Wild Geranium

terrainSubjects Photographed

Apache Junction, Arizona
Stewart Township, Pennsylvania
Hartwood Acres Park, Pennsylvania
Indiana Township, Pennsylvania
Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness, Arizona
Georges Township (Fayette County), Pennsylvania
North Union Township (Fayette County), Pennsylvania
South Union Township (Fayette County), Pennsylvania
Springfield Township (Fayette County), Pennsylvania
Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park, Arizona
New Mexico
Trestle Recreation Area, New Mexico
Black Canyon City, Arizona
Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park, Arizona
Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona
Cochise County, Arizona
Coconino County, Arizona
Flagstaff, Arizona
Florence, Arizona
Gila County, Arizona
Globe, Arizona
Jerome, Arizona
Maricopa County, Arizona
Near Tucson, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
Pima County, Arizona
Pinal County, Arizona
Prescott, Arizona
Queen Creek, Arizona
Roosevelt, Arizona
San Tan Mountain Regional Park, Arizona
San Tan Valley, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona
Summerhaven, Arizona
Superior, Arizona
Thumb Butte Recreation Area, Arizona
Tonto Basin, Arizona
Tonto National Monument, Arizona
Tortilla Flat, Arizona
Walnut Canyon National Monument (Arizona)
Wilcox, Arizona
Yavapai County, Arizona
British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia
West Vancouver, British Columbia
Acadia National Park, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine
Bass Harbor, Maine
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Cumberland County, Maine
Hancock County, Maine
South Portland, Maine
Two Lights State Park, Maine
York County, Maine
York, Maine
Casselman River Bridge State Park, Maryland
Garrett County, Maryland
Grantsville, Maryland
Kaese Mill, Maryland
New Mexico
Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico
Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Cedar Crest, New Mexico
Cloudcroft, New Mexico
Dona Ana County, New Mexico
High Rolls, New Mexico
Holloman AFB, New Mexico
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Los Alamos, New Mexico
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, New Mexico
Otero County, New Mexico
Sandoval County, New Mexico
Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Sunspot, New Mexico
Upper Karr Recreation Area, New Mexico
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
New York
Castile, New York
Letchworth State Park, New York
Livingston County, New York
Mt. Morris, New York
Portageville, New York
Taughannock Falls State Park, New York
Tompkins County, New York
Trumansburg, New York
Wyoming County, New York
Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio
Lucas County, Ohio
Mahoning County, Ohio
Marblehead Lighthouse State Park, Ohio
Mill Creek Park, Ohio
Ottawa County, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio
Youngstown, Ohio
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Bear Run Nature Reserve, Pennsylvania
Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Bedford County, Pennsylvania
Bedford, Pennsylvania
Blue Knob State Park, Pennsylvania
Brothersvalley Township, Pennsylvania
Brush Creek Park, Pennsylvania
Bullskin Township, Pennsylvania
Butler County, Pennsylvania
Cambria County, Pennsylvania
Cedar Creek Park, Pennsylvania
Champion, Pennsylvania
Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania
Dawson, Pennsylvania
Donegal, Pennsylvania
Dunbar Township, Pennsylvania
Dunbar, Pennsylvania
Elk Lick Township, Pennsylvania
Erie County, Pennsylvania
Erie, Pennsylvania
Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Fishertown, Pennsylvania
Fombell, Pennsylvania
Fort Hill, Pennsylvania
Friendship Hill, Pennsylvania
Hereford Manor, Pennsylvania
Hopwood, Pennsylvania
Jefferson Township, Pennsylvania
Jennings Environmental Education Center, Pennsylvania
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Kooser State Park, Pennsylvania
Laurel Hill State Park, Pennsylvania
Laurel Summit State Park, Pennsylvania
Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
Ligonier Township, Pennsylvania
Ligonier, Pennsylvania
Lincoln Township, Pennsylvania
Linn Run State Park, Pennsylvania
Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Pennsylvania
Lower Tyrone Township (Fayette County), Pennsylvania
Manns Choice, Pennsylvania
Marshall Township (Allegheny County), Pennsylvania
McCandless Township (Allegheny County), Pennsylvania
McConnells Mill State Park, Pennsylvania
Meyersdale, Pennsylvania
Middlecreek Township, Pennsylvania
Mill Run, Pennsylvania
Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania
Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
New Paris, Pennsylvania
Normalville, Pennsylvania
North Park (Allegheny County), Pennsylvania
Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania
Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania
Osterburg, Pennsylvania
PA State Game Land 111
PA State Game Land 51
Pavia, Pennsylvania
Perry Township (Lawrence County), Pennsylvania
Perry Township, Pennsylvania
Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
Pine Township (Allegheny County), Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pleasantville, Pennsylvania
Portersville, Pennsylvania
Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania
Roaring Run Natural Area, Pennsylvania
Rostraver Township, Pennsylvania
Ryot, Pennsylvania
Schellsburg, Pennsylvania
Scottdale, Pennsylvania
Shawnee State Park, Pennsylvania
Slippery Rock Township (Lawrence County), Pennsylvania
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Somerset, Pennsylvania
South Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Stoneycreek Township, Pennsylvania
Stoystown, Pennsylvania
Summit Township, Pennsylvania
Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Wharton Township, Pennsylvania
Windber, Pennsylvania
Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington
Grays Harbor County, Washington
Ilwaco, Washington
King County, Washington
Pacific County, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Westport, Washington
West Virginia
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia
Cabins, West Virginia
Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia
Davis, West Virginia
Grant County, West Virginia
Pendleton County, West Virginia
Preston County, West Virginia
Riverton, West Virginia
Seneca Rocks, West Virginia
Tucker County, West Virginia
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Knob Hill Park (Allegheny County), Pennsylvania
Jumonville, Pennsylvania
Toledo, Ohio
Wildwood Preserve Metropark, Ohio
Phoenix Zoo, Arizona
South Mountain Park (Phoenix, Arizona)
Watson Lake Park, Arizona
Flight 93 National Memorial, Pennsylvania
Markleton, Pennsylvania
Upper Turkeyfoot Township, Pennsylvania
Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona
Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest, Arizona
Superstition Wilderness (Arizona)
Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Pennsylvania
Thorn Hill Industrial Park, Pennsylvania
Cook Township, Pennsylvania
Mt. Davis Natural Area
West Virginia
Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia
Canaan Valley State Park, West Virginia
Spruce Knob/Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area
Point State Park, Pennsylvania
Kerry Park (Seattle, Washington)
British Columbia
Stanley Park (Vancouver), British Columbia
Lighthouse Park (West Vancouver), British Columbia