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Capturing nature and landscapes in photo is my passion. While I often photograph the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania and arid Arizona my travels extend from coast to coast.

Spruce Flats Bog in Forbes State Forest, Pennsylvania

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Welcome to nearly 6,000 professionally taken photographs of landscapes, close-ups, nature, and cities from around the country but especially Arizona, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and now New Mexico taken by Michael D. McCumber.

I just started featuring some of my work on my new Facebook Page where you can see large pictures posted from this site along with a description.

Resolution is high here at mdmPix.com with all photographs beginning in 2015 taken with a full frame Nikon D810 @ 36.2 megapixels in resolution and usually at ISO 64 for stellar noise free quality.

Additionally, check out my recent forays into Black & White photography.