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Located in a portion of Forbes State Forest, the 2.7 mile trail follows along a shoulder of Laurel Ridge beginning at the Laurel Summit State Park picnic area and terminating at the Wolf Rocks Vista. While the trail has a gentle grade, difficult footing is a common theme with the rocky forest floor in this area that can take its toll on the ankles. Good sturdy hiking boots are advised. Rainy weather can make hiking this trail incredibly uncomfortable as this area of Laurel Ridge has poor drainage (Spruce Flats bog lies nearby), and puddles of water are not uncommon for the initial mile of hiking. Besides the obvious treat of Wolf Rocks and its scenic view of the Linn Run valley, the trail offers plenty of scenery with a recovering forest, wildlife, passageways through rhododendrons and mountain laurel, and several rock formations tucked away under the forest canopy. The trail forks off into two branches that then reconnect, so you can avoid seeing the same scenery on the return trip.

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October 22, 2007
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