Uniontown Hospital purchased, in August of 2009, 110 pictures at 20 x 30" to decorate their newly expanded hospital in Uniontown, PA. They selected from my michaelmccumber.com Web site 22 pictures with five copies each.

Normally I don't list any magazines or books my works are featured in, but I felt the large variety of pictures and given they'll be on public display warranted mention. Having spent much of my childhood in Uniontown also swayed me to build this page.

While most office buildings -- and homes for that matter -- are decorated with uninspiring and meaningless abstract art, I offer my congratulations to the hospital staff for decorating with worthy local scenery. I'm confident that patients and visitors to the hospital will find the photographs a pleasurable distraction, and remind them of the scenic treasures surrounding their home in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

The hospital may not have them on display until their building project is completed in April of 2010, though some may be hung sooner.

Hospital's location (Map It):

Uniontown Hospital
500 West Berkeley Street
Uniontown, PA 15401