Laurel Hill Lake Dam and Beach Area

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View from Laurel Hill Lake Dam and Beach Area

Mountain lake scenery awaits at Laurel Hill Lake Dam and Beach Area where a ridge on the opposite shore makes this one of the nicest lake scenes in the region. This area is popular in summer with swimmers and beach goers enjoying one of the finest beaches in the region, but at 2000 feet the lake waters are rarely warm. A picnic grove sprawls the area where the vista of the lake can be enjoyed during a relaxing outdoor meal. A walkway connects a concession stand and runs parallel along the beach to a boat launch before curving to continue on top the dam where a bridge offers a view of the spillway as well as the entire lake before you. A walk to the end of the bridge is a must for most visitors and offers a panoramic view of both shores of the lake. This area is the most popular in Laurel Hill State Park and most visitors to the park stop here.

Kayaks and other boats can be rented from a concession stand nearby.

Visitors looking for more than just a brief walk can continue on the walkway to the left and head towards Copper Kettle Trail that continues through a forest of hardwoods to eventually another view of the lake.

How to Access

From Laurel Hill Park Road turn into the parking area and a short walk leads to the lake.

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One of the finest views of fall foliage can be enjoyed by walking on the dam in the evening while the lake reflects the rich hues of an autumn forest. Shortly before sunset the lake becomes an enchantment of rich colors reflecting on the deep dark blue waters. The steep rise on the opposite shore makes this one of the region's most scenic lakes for photography.

Laurel Hill Creek runs through the lake and in the distant view the lake narrows before turning a bend.

Laurel Hill Lake Dam and Beach Area is located in Pennsylvania.

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