Large Shoreline Rocks before Chestnut Ridge

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View from Large Shoreline Rocks before Chestnut Ridge

An outcropping of large rocks along the river's edge provides a great view of the Youghiogheny River as it meanders its way through Chestnut Ridge that can be seen towering off in the distance. This is the first fully natural scene for those heading southeast from Connellsville with only the railroad providing signs of man and its occasional train. The rocks found here are varying in height but be careful not to climb too high or you may find yourself without a way to get down. A trail follows the course of the river and provides access to a series of rocks following a steep climb down from the Great Allegheny Passage Trail that parallels above. The rocks provide access to deep pools of water making them popular for fishing.

Here the river turns calm in between rapids and can appear glass like providing a great reflection for any trains parked across the river. This scene especially beautiful in the late afternoon towards evening when the river appears a deep blue in shadow while the opposite shore and hills are still brightly lit by the sun.

People can be seen swimming in this area though it is recommended against as the undercurrents in the river are strong and dangerous. This river has claimed lives of even the most fit swimmers.

On the opposite shore is a dug out area where limestone was mined and now serves as a shooting range for the South Connellsville Rod & Gun Club.


This is dangerous terrain beginning with a steep slope down to the river that would challenge even fit hikers. The path along the river that connects these rocks is often shrouded in vegetation that can conceal snakes. Be cautious.

How to Access

From the Wheeler Bottom Trail Head following the Great Allegheny Passage Trail south for approximately 0.7 miles to a point where a steep trail leads down to the river.

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Large Shoreline Rocks before Chestnut Ridge is located in Pennsylvania, near Connellsville, Pennsylvania.

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